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This "Getting to Know You" survey will allow you to provide information to us in a standardised format.  This survey will ask you to consider your needs and wants, your business goals, and important family and life matters.  That is; this survey is designed to help you to think about and enunciate the important, but often left unspoken, aspects of your business, and personal life goals... This survey will only take you about fifteen minutes to complete...

We will use your answers to this survey to determine how we may provide you with services that will help you...
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What is your given name?
Your given name?
What is your family name?
Your family name?
What is your title?
Your title?
What is your business' name?
Your business' name?
What is your business' address?
Your business' address?
What is your business' contact telephone number?
Your telephone number?
What is your business' e-mail address?
Your e-mail address?
What is your business' entity type?
Please select the correct entity type where you have a business, or have a self-managed superannuation fund?
What is your business' ABN?
Your business' ABN?
Is your business registered for GST?
Your business GST registered?
Where your business is registered for GST, is it registered on an Accruals/Invoice or Cash Basis?
Please choose GST Accruals/Invoice or Cash Basis?

Where your business is registered for GST, is it registered on an Annual, Monthly or Quarterly Basis?
Please choose GST annual, monthly or quarterly forms?
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