Elevate | JULY 2017


Hi John,

Welcome to this month's Elevate. It's full of useful and inspiring content on business improvement ideas. Watch the short video on a key business tip; and read about a success story from a local business. Want to know more? We're here to help - please contact John for more information.

John Stitt


Why Language Is A Major Key

How do you respond when someone asks you 'what do you do?' You might be surprised at the impact a change in your default response could make.

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Grow Your Business With Efficient Systems

Many small businesses are so busy running the business and fending off daily emergencies that systems go completely ignored and chaos often prevails. The business that leads in the race for customers is the business that has all its systems integrated and working smoothly together. A business that has an infallible billing system, acceptable customer service but has too much inventory is not going to win the race...

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Systemize Your Business Before It's Too Late

Peter Bridges has a business which sells motor vehicle spare parts for a range of makes and models. The business has grown rapidly beyond Peter's expectations and management abilities. He feels like he is on a runaway train and is desperate to streamline operations. He and his team are working very hard, yet customer satisfaction is slipping and profits are starting to suffer...???????

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