Elevate | SEPTEMBER 2017


Hi John,

Welcome to this month's Elevate. It's full of useful and inspiring content on business improvement ideas. Watch the short video on a key business tip; and read about a success story from a local business. Want to know more? We're here to help - please contact John for more information.

John Stitt


Play To Your Strengths

If you're an entrepreneur frustrated by doing things you're not best suited to do, spend two minutes to get some breakthrough ideas.

Feature Video

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Hire For Culture, Train For Skills

Cultural fit is a concept that can be hard to define but everyone knows when it is missing. Simply put, cultural fit is the likelihood that a person will be able to effortlessly live your business core values and behaviors. If you assess cultural fit throughout your recruitment process, you will ensure you hire people who will become fantastic in their new roles. This will certainly help drive long-term growth and success for your business...

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How A Husband And Wife Transformed Their Business And Met Conflicting Goals

The case study explores how the owners of a Sandwich Kiosk business were able to meet both their goals as a husband-and-wife team while increasing income and reducing the burden of running a small business. David Page was a firefighter who loved his work. That said, he was getting older and wanted an exit strategy that would give him and his wife an income and a shared interest. He decided to start a small sandwich café business. He planned to run the business and continue working as a fireman...

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